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15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

Publicerat klockan 04:56, den 7 november 2017

Fish skin tight skin to have young, tight skin, nothing more effective than eating fish. Fish contains a magic chemical substance, which can act on the muscles under the epidermis, make the muscles more compact, and the skin is naturally tight and elastic.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips


Rapid elimination of eyelid swelling, waking up in the morning, found that swollen eyelids, very ugly, with eye makeup can not cover up, then gauze wrapped on ice on the eyelids, can be swelling. In addition, the use of convergent water will also work clinique fresh pressed.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips


The blood stasis is not seen after falling down may be a big block, and ugly and bad wear short skirts, how to do? When you cook the egg, you can roll the shell and roll it on the bruise. It will soon disappear, and you can try it.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips


Do you have acne for a simple treatment of acne? Go to the Chinese medicine shop to buy cassia seed and drink after dinner every day. The pox will disappear every other day. You can also make your belly flat and lose weight.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips


Lemon Bath to make the skin more white lemon when production period, the price is not expensive, may often choose weekdays and cut it in half squeezed into juice, add boiling water and add some sugar to drink cold! But not squeeze the lemon peel away, on the toilet water, wash your face bathed whether to have more young white skin it!

The method of homemade Lip Gloss

Materials: lipstick (no, remaining, existing), alcohol lamp (or blower), bar, iron spoon, Lip Balm (or lip oil, Vaseline).


A. first use the lipstick and lipstick to remove the spoon.

B. put the spoon on the alcohol lamp or heat the hot air with the blower, and use the adjusting rod to stir it evenly, remember not to heat too long.

C. pour the liquid Lip Balm into the container while it is hot, so that it can be cooled and solidified.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

After removing the aged skin, after the bath is still wet, the body will be rubbed on the aged skin with the appropriate amount of salt, and the dead skin can be removed.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

Don cherry beauty medical records: Farmington eat cherry, good color, beauty zhi. Cherry has high iron content. It can increase hemoglobin content and make people look ruddy, and carotene and vitamin C can help skin whitening and delicate, and make skin more elastic.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

The shampoo that the shampoo does not like is not lost because it is almost the same as the collar cleaners. Wash the unclean white socks and give it to the shampoo. If the hair is oily, when the pillowcase is washed, some shampoo can be added, and the effect is better.

Eliminate the dark circles quickly and wash your face after getting up. Use your hands to help your eyes to massage in clockwise direction for about 5 minutes, which can promote the blood circulation at the moment, and the black eye can instantly become ruddy clinique vitamin c.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

Don't let the hair silk shop deformation each Meimei may have such troubles, finally to the salon hair after wake up on the deformation of the hair! In fact, this situation is preventable, as long as the bed pillows spread in a smooth texture of the scarf, so that will not clutter up the hair, while maintaining beautiful hairstyle!

Chewing gum chewing gum can remove wrinkle shrink Jinrou, adjust fat skin, reduce wrinkles gradually into the concave groove depth of less, or even fill. As soon as wrinkles part, more due to muscle contraction, enhance flexibility, in order to prevent wrinkles, double chin Germany again fertilizer can reduce the hanging of the fat, so that the original dual fat, fat becomes heavy.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

Yam is rich in yam, which is rich in Dioscorea soap (NATURAL DHEA), and contains a variety of hormone basic substances, which can promote the synthesis of endocrine hormones. When it is on the skin, it can promote the metabolism of the cells, enhance the moisturizing function of the skin and improve the constitution.

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

Overnight tea tea Liang lashes will be left to drink cool, at bedtime or the next morning, using cotton swabs wet eyelashes, eyelashes growth can be achieved the effect, please try it! Which is the most economical price, "eyelash", such as the tea bag after use, hot compress in the eye, but also remove the black eye!

15 methods of skin care and beauty tips

Help the hand to restore gentle do housework or washing dishes Erzhi hands and wrinkles, 3 teaspoons of salt desirable dissolves into a basin of warm water, soak your hands for about 5 minutes, helping hand to restore fine white gentle; as to eliminate foot fatigue, feet soaked in warm salt water in a few minutes, and then cold water rinse clinique fresh pressed.

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