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Fat also has spring

Publicerat klockan 05:13, den 15 mars 2017

Wild goose is a twenty-six-year-old girl, life is still not landing, parents busy urging, arranged for her a blind date, the problem is that wild goose has been a sweetheart.


Wild boy's boyfriend called Gao Shuai, as its name, looks tall and handsome, but unfortunately this year is very high-bureaucratic villain, high handsome just lack of the middle of the most critical "rich" word, he was born in remote mountainous areas, The family is very poor and the burden is heavy.


But she did not work through her parents, goose parents did not expect her daughter to marry more rich people, but watched from the small spoiled daughter to suffer, They can not accept anything.




Wild goose is a filial daughter, do not want to and her parents collided, can only pretend and Gao Shuai points, privately two people still secretly. Parents asked her to introduce her boyfriend, she is also very submissive on the surface, but to meet with the man, she began to make trouble, hit the black and asked people is not digging coal, met the skin white Ask the other side is not sold, anyway, do not stir up the matter is not finished.


That day, wild goose into a cafe, to see her sixth blind date object, almost laughed out of the sound, so large target, is simply to her muzzle hit ah!


This guy looks fat, and live like a national treasure giant panda, he trembling stood up, stretched out the hypertrophy of the palm, very polite to say: "Hello, you are Miss Goa? I called Shen Guoxiong, friends Call me a full stop, how can you call me all!


Wild goose can not help laughing, say nickname than the name can reflect a person's characteristics, it seems that this is not false, look at this guy round bill of the way, is not like a stop it!


Wild boy did not shake hands with him, but back two steps back, the end of the hand stopped in the air, the expression of some embarrassment: "Miss wild lady, you are ... ..."


Wild goose solemnly said: "I am sorry, just I was too close to you, see you ... ..."


As the saying goes, in front of the people do not say short words, but where the wild goose pot which pot is not open to mention which pot, she is to hit the stadium, the best side of each other angry, the two broke up, so the most trouble. Unexpectedly in no hurry is not anxious, Oh smile said: "In fact, nothing, according to the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, I was just too hot ... ..."


Hey, did not think this fat quite talented, a word to resolve the embarrassment, but also revealed the wit, let the goose a little bit of his admiration.


They sat down, while drinking coffee chat, goose no longer willing to accompany, have to go through the transitions, or else can not explain to their parents. Fortunately, the last word talk humor, and his chat is not boring warrant calculator .


See, the full stop on the wild goose quite good, temporary time, he is still hard performance, breaking fingers said: "I know that you may be too fat, but fat also have the benefits of fat, buy clothes can be more Earn a cloth, out Yinjing can be stuck, blowing winds are not afraid to be blown away, walking around me will not be sun to ... ... "


A man's sense of humor on the girl's lethality is still great, but unfortunately this trick on the heart of the wild goat no use, she stood up, charming smile: "You are right, but unfortunately you do not know, From small to large, I do not like to eat fat first.


Wild goose left a bunch of silver bell-like laughter, turned out of the coffee shop, although she did not see the last paragraph of the expression, but guess also how can he feel depressed Filing Cabinet .


Wild goose that she and the period between no more than the next, and no known that no two days apart, the full number appeared in front of her, the hands still holding a bouquet of flowers, a look of affectionate section: "Yan Do you know what I'm seeing you?


Wild goose snappily said: "I know what ah, you fancy me what, I can not change it?


The period did not care about her attitude, he said very seriously: "You are the first to refuse my girl. I really do not hide, before you, I have a lot of times pro, the success rate of 100%, those girls wait for today just know I'll marry me tomorrow, do you know why?


Wild goose some skeptical looked at the full stop, thought: this guy is not in the bragging, right? Just by his respect for this, there is such a big attraction? But look at him like, and not like a lie, wild goose thought, I understand: "I seem to listen to the introducer said, you are a rich second generation, the family is very rich, right almo nature ?


Nodded his head and said: "Those girls fancy is not my people, but my family money, you are not the same with them ... ..."

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