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Workplace big boss favorite 11 employees

Publicerat klockan 04:55, den 17 februari 2017

Many bosses admit that they do hate a certain type of person because of their own character and experience, or like a certain type of person. But i can be sure that it is today that I summarize the 11 types that are basically the greatest covenants of many bosses, so, with reference to them, you are likely to be in the middle of the job: loved by the boss.


1, undergraduate


75% of the boss said they would give priority to undergraduate, rather than a higher degree of education. Hear the news, I guess those who read the master and doctoral students to cry in the toilet.


I asked why? A boss replied: "Unless the work of scientific research and technical types, most of the other types of work, undergraduates are completely enough, and more is wasted."


So, in the workplace, on the pure education, we read enough on the line, do not waste time to study. Of course this is a statement, but it is indeed quite practical truth and advice. Or that sentence, if there are prospective college students to see my article, I suggest you hurry to refer to, because it is now graduation season, PubMed has not yet begun, you re-select and make decisions too late.


2, elite graduates


80% of the boss said they prefer the school students. A boss told me: "I recruit people, as long as the school students on the line, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Fudan University, these schools graduate, what professional does not matter, as long as he is willing to, I have all.


My eyes stare boss: "professional is not important?" He replied: "I do not want to" why? "His answer is completely contrary to my expectations:" can enter the elite, that their It is not difficult, but admitted to the elite is not easy, no matter what professional, as long as they can go in, at least explain the need to go to the university is not easy, They are a hundred miles to pick an elite, the quality will not be bad where to go.Moreover, we often do not need their professional, to the company, a lot of things they still have to learn from the beginning. In fact, we need is their ability to learn quickly "


So it is. I finally understand why the company's management positions have attracted a "astrophysics" professional school students. So they are not to let him look at the stars, but hope he quickly converted the runway.


If there is a forward-looking high school student to see my article, then I would like to tell you a practical experience: test university professional, if you are not a school of a professional not on the words, then I suggest you should be stuck Their own scores to register the school that popular nobody reported professional, rather than the so-called ordinary school professional. After all, in the future can be expected period of time, college graduates choose to work, the employer to see the school over the professional.


3, Yan does not matter


I asked the boss who is like the image of outstanding people, or general like people? The answer is actually: Yan does not matter. The two votes are 50% VS50%. It is also hard to fan those who advocate the world are looking at the face of a person watching the eyes of a loud smile. Or may be: advocate the value of more than all the people, in fact, not the boss. From this point of view, my heart is still a little warm call. At least, in this answer, I see the bosses respect for the intrinsic quality of the staff, but also that the boss who are rich, but their morality is not as many people advocate, as a complete decay, the world, also Still regarded as a good world in power.


4, job hopping less, working in the same company for a long time


92% of the boss said they like to stay in the same company for a long time. How long is it long? Most of the answers are: 5 years or more. Well, it seems, whether it is in the love field, or in the workplace, the temptation is inevitable, although spread to his head, most people think that job hopping seems to be justified, like love the United States talk about breaking up is justified The same, but the final choice of the time, we still like the specific person ielts test.


5, take the initiative to work overtime employees


Although many employers have admitted that overtime is not necessarily hard work, and often may be inefficient people will work overtime. But there are 75% of the boss like to take the initiative to work overtime employees. I asked some of the boss, since they also know that overtime is not necessarily the work needs, why still like to work overtime employees? A boss said that he likes to take the initiative to work overtime employees, he believes that a real person who will do the work, should not only complete the task, but know how to make the results of the work. Since it is to make the results of the work, it is difficult to step on the get off work point on time to complete, so take the initiative to work overtime. Perhaps this answer, you understand overtime this matter, there will be some reference value ielts test.


6, their own assertive employees


The boss in the end is as many people talk about, just like obedient employees? The survey results scared me, even more than 90% of the boss said they like their own assertive employees. To be honest, the survey data is still very unexpected nuskin hk.


But think about it, it seems reasonable. As we are in the same time with the staff, we like to have assertive employees? Or six gods without the staff? The answer is of course assertive, they will think, they can step on the point and take the initiative to work staff.


So what do we do not like in the end? In fact, it is not those who are assertive employees, but those who do not listen to the staff. In fact, disobedient employees may not be assertive employees. However, many people are often misunderstood this point, especially those self-righteous staff, often their own self-righteous, mistakenly think it is assertive it! <

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