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The wind-like girl

Publicerat klockan 04:19, den 9 februari 2017

Want to write you into my article, the thought of the wind, so the title from the same girl as the wind. You have the wind of the soft, you have the power of the wind, you wind the same hurriedly come and go, you have the enthusiasm of the wind, your smile can warm a world.


You know this is a spring in the morning, I was waiting for guests in the cell door, the wind with your smile came to me and asked me to ** how much money, I said to twelve, you say ten dollars , And not too far away. I looked at you cordial, could not bear to refuse to say Well, I'll send you to.


At first I did not know you are doing sales, more than you several times, I know you are doing real estate intermediary, you say this line does not have basic salary, wages entirely by commission, which also proved your ability.


One day early in the morning, I sent you to the driving school, leaving a phone number to you, from that day on, you want to use the car will find me, and later added your WeChat from the circle of friends to understand a more vibrant you, Started to Xiamen, is engaged in sales, but selling the phone. Later it turned to real estate in this regard. I saw a few times in the circle of friends of the certificate, what month champion, quarterly champion, once again the company was rewarded to travel to Hangzhou, and these are proof of your superior ability to work.


You not only work ability, in fact, you are very literary talent. You write a lot of friends in the circle of philosophy, inspirational text. Of course I can not openly write, please read this article readers forgive suv car rental . Do not know you like writing, you write the work, must be very good.


Some time ago, you suddenly out of the door, then you wind the same back.


You are the same as the wind girl, you wind the same as the rush to come and go, where you are scenery, you have to go out in the morning eight or nine points have been busy until nearly 10:00 home. You are busy, for your goal step by step with the efforts of the.


You are a girl like the wind, is sent in the spring warm wind, is sent in the summer cool wind. You are a very friendly person, you should be very fond of the job, so many years has been insisting, a person in the wind and rain to go, because I know you, you make people feel bad.


You are a girl like the wind, you have been insisting, has been working, you have this perseverance, will be successful in the sea to sail sail dermes !

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