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Stomach ache is how is it?

Publicerat klockan 08:26, den 20 april 2017

1) In most cases, there is a correspondence between abdominal lesions and abdominal pain

Generally according to the abdominal organs where the abdomen can navel as the center, the picture is divided into upper right, lower right, left upper left lower four areas, according to the site of abdominal pain can be divided into left upper abdominal pain, right upper quadrant pain, left lower abdominal pain, right lower quadrant Pain and abdominal pain, etc. following several.

Right upper quadrant pain

Need to consider whether the liver, gallbladder, biliary tract, pancreas, duodenum, right kidney, right colon and other issues.

Right lower quadrant pain

If you have right lower quadrant pain, first of all need to consider whether the cecum, appendix, right ovary and fallopian tube, right ureter and other issues.

3. Left upper quadrant pain

Need to consider whether the stomach, spleen, pancreas, left kidney, left colon and other issues.

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4. Left lower abdominal pain

Need to consider whether the sigmoid colon, left ovary and fallopian tubes, left ureter and other issues.

5. around the navel pain

Need to consider whether the problem of small bowel disease. In addition, extensive pain throughout the abdominal cavity can sometimes occur. This is usually the case where peritoneum is inflamed by some cause such as perforation of the ulcer, rupture of the ectopic pregnancy, and internal bleeding.

It is noteworthy that some abdominal pain will shift with the impact of the lesion, for example: the pain began in the upper abdomen, gradually migrate within 24 hours to the lower right and more pain, is an important sign of appendicitis; pain in the original place The upper right, gradually extending to the right rear of the shoulder blade below, it may be the gallbladder, gallstones problem.

2) Do not ignore the clues that help diagnose

1. Abdominal pain causes and effects can be light and heavy

When abdominal pain occurs, in order to accurately grasp the cause, the patient should pay more attention to the condition of the pain so that the doctor can diagnose the pain, including location, time, nature of the pain, whether it is accompanied by other symptoms, factors that affect the pain changes, and the like.

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