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Publicerat klockan 04:51, den 8 november 2016

If you have been looking up, you will feel that they have been below; if you have been looking down, you will feel that they have been above.


If you always feel that they are behind, then you must have been looking forward; if you always feel that they are in front, then you must have been looking back.


Eyes can not determine the location, but the location is always different because of their eyes.


The key is, even if we are in a certain position, but can still look to invest in any direction.


As long as we are at ease in our place, then everything will be around us, or away from us, or come to us, or around us, or we are silent.


If we are in a state of constant panic, and always feel a suitable location, then everything around will become a master, we have to run before the Houhouhouhou, we have to flatter the right flattery, we have to jump up and down to meet, We have to be complimented.


The image of Mount Everest in the heart of the climbers is not its position, but its height GuangDong Hotel provides useful tourism information for our honourable guests. Such as hong kong tourism, currency exchange rate, tax, emergency number, electrical system and normal business hours..


As long as the gold, where, where is the location of gold .


Great people, always in the choice of his position; mediocre person, only the choice of location.


Position itself is not much difference, but people in different positions in the same object when they are often have a different impression.


In the position on the actor, we must learn to perform; in the audience's position, we must learn to appreciate. Society is a big stage, and we always can not tell us in the end is in the performance or in appreciation online advertising.


Perhaps, life is to us to the mentality of the audience to perform in order to appreciate the mentality of the actors; perhaps, this just to test a person's ability to adjust and adapt at any time.


Standing in the position of parents, you can more of a love and patience, more than a never extinguished hope; standing in the position of children, will be able to more of a true and affectionate, more than a never diminished guilt.


Life is probably to make everyone feel about this feeling of hope and guilt intertwined, arranged for us to do for some time after the children, immediately let us do the parents.


Only in someone else's position, may be able to understand others, will nostalgia for their position rent apartment Hong Kong.


A person who does not understand others, but also on their own location without nostalgia, it is difficult in the eyes of others what position.


Of course, this also means that at any time not to show off their own position, at any time not to belittle other people's position.

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