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About walking

Publicerat klockan 05:15, den 29 december 2016

Mr. Lu Xun said: "There is no way in the world, more people have become the way to go." In actual fact. I think the road is out of their own, and dare to ask where the road: at the foot of the road.

If the world, only universality, there is no difference, if thousands of people side, a thousand trees a posture, this world will not be colorful, colorful. In other words, the total follow the footsteps of others walking, do not judge the situation when the situation should know what kind of way they should go, not smart. Or follow the trend, people take a good road to follow, the result is time, dry out of the boat stupid. "Count (garlic) you ruthless" appears, so farmers follow the trend of species of garlic, there is a "count (garlic) you cheap" consequences, it is the punishment should follow suit.

People, is must have to walk. Generally there are two ways: one is to go through, one is impassable. This road must be tailored to walk to choose their own way to go, to choose their own way to go in the end, we must use confidence to do backing.

Through many roads, but also seen numerous beautiful scenery, but which one of the scenery is your own! A clear goal, the firm belief is a good way to take a prerequisite for life.

In fact, a lot of things there are environmental factors, but also conditional factors, but ultimately their own factors. Do not always want to own a good way not to reason, are guilty of the reality, often see the hard to fear, will blame all the external causes. Beautiful prose

Some people always complain: the world too much way, is not their own. Confidence in faith, with faith there will always be a spacious way to go. Never aim, always in the numerous crossroads wandering, to walk through the road do not want to go, get out of the way not dare to go, but cynical, blaming others, would not pale the life Wedding planner?

How to choose their own way to go? Face yourself is also very important, can accurately score for themselves, this is the way to choose their own path to go. Scoring too high, or scoring too low, all have their own way to choose a very important impact. So they have a ambitious goal, or short-sighted goal. Good ambitious who always put themselves as a savior, the results of the world can not save, but also take up their own even go. Eventually is depressed. Short-sighted, underestimated their own, lack of confidence in the larger goal, often to meet the blindfolded eyes. Good ambitious, always to run into a wall. People in the run after the wall, often blame. If the choice of the road to go, it would be better to go their own way.

Many people, in the absence of any as, often to Lao Tzu "quiet inaction" as a template, trying to let the heart rising empty masturbation. But I do not know the true meaning of this inaction. Inaction, in fact, should not be, then inaction; the, then do nothing. Masturbation must not lose the courage to struggle hotel jobs in singapore.

Everyone has unlimited potential. According to expert analysis, the human mind's utilization rate of life, only about 5%. Not to develop the potential of people, this ratio is probably smaller. Transformation of the objective world, more important is to transform their own subjective world. The subjective world is the leader who takes the road of life. There is no way to go; the total in the dream, the total fantasy, desire is higher than reality, is no way out; only active, and not divorced from this world, the road will be Go through. But this should go through the road, but by the unwilling to stop the sense of progress, so that your subjective world is not a leader, and become an obstacle, if the objective is to take the road of good life is based, then the subjective initiative Is a good way to take the driving force.

Established goals, but the start, but also frustrations and frustrations in the perseverance to work hard, get up in the fall of numerous, to move on. There is no such thing as a free lunch in the world. Things happen overnight does not exist business bank account requirement.

Life is short, only those brave and resolute struggle in the forefront of the crowd, in order to strike out a bright dazzling halo. And those who do nothing, but complaining, only in the never rise to the date, quietly buried by secular dust....

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